This is a web page that is meant to attract Donald Trump's attention in hopes that he will take some friendly advice while in office. I hope that your venture to repeal and replace the disaster that was inaccurately named Obamacare (the Democrats in Congress came up with it, he just rubber stamped it blindly) meets with great success. I hope that you will be mindful of these pointers as those who you are working with craft the replacement legislation:

1) Ensure that a ban on lifetime limits and refusal of coverage over pre-existing conditions stays put. If you can keep the part that gives seniors savings on their prescriptions, that is another thing that was actually necessary.

2) The individual tax penalties need to be gone. Also, taxing "Cadillac" plans only serves to hurt those with already affordable plans from their employers. No one should be penalized just because they have better insurance. That's like adding an extra sales tax just because someone's buying steak instead of ground beef at the grocery store.

3) There needs to be a way to claim co-pays as tax deductions if a household has under a certain amount of income. Those add up just as badly as the regular bills.

4) As a long-time critic of the law, I have said time and again that the best way to get more people health insurance is to give incentive to the major source which supplies it to them. If you give businesses tax breaks for every full-time person they hire and give benefits to, it will be more profitable than not doing so. Businesses have been flouting the law requiring them to give benefits to full-time workers by hiring mostly part-time workers. While it makes business sense, it shows a grand lack of social responsibility on their part. If a penalty must be pursued, it would be to impose a higher tax for having more than a certain percentage of their staff as part-time workers. Of course, this should only apply to a business that meets the criteria for being able to afford such things.

5) Carefully read and consider the legislation before its approval. Don't hastily pass something without reading it. That was one of the mistakes that got us into this mess.

I also have a suggestion for an Executive Order or a Constitutional Amendment, whichever is more fitting: Any state which enumerates the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States within its own Constitution must do so verbatim. No restrictions or stipulations should be allowed to be added to an enumerated right. My state, Illinois, placed the words "Subject only to the police power" in front of the 2nd Amendment. That seems wrong to me.

I would also like to see Federal investigation into Michael Madigan, the Speaker of the House in Illinois. He has wielded supreme power over this state since 1983. He had a hand in redrawing the district lines, so now he has cronies in the House seats (for whom he funds campaigns) who will always vote for him as Speaker. In addition, he has cronies in the Rules Committees so that no legislation can get through them without his say-so. Our state has had record numbers of people leaving it because he's been running this state into the ground. Our previous governor had no end of trouble trying to get anything done. Our current governor is one of his yes-men and is working to drive this state further into the hole. Madigan is a denizen of "The Swamp". Please help!

Another bone I have to pick is over Social Security. Millions of Americans pay into it, yet the Government feels like it's entitled to raid it whenever it needs money. Legislation preventing this from happening and requiring all that has already been taken from it to be paid back is badly needed.

The disparity in rights between 18 and 21 year olds is another horrible injustice. It doesn't make sense to me that you can, at age 18, join the military, get married, have children, be forced from your parents' home (by them), and be tried as an adult in court, but you can't buy alcohol or a handgun because you're a "minor". You're either an adult or you aren't. This double standard seems only to serve to make lots of money for police raiding college campuses. Either make full adulthood 18 or make it 21. It's absurd that someone should be an adult in most ways, but not in others.

Please, please, please repeal The Patriot Act. It was absurd government over-reach when it was passed, and it still is, today. Dissolve the TSA. Those folks are nothing more than rent-a-cops with the power to invade your personal privacy and delay you from getting to your plane. The tragedies of 11 SEP 2001 led to some serious knee-jerking. What resulted amounts to massive infractions on American civil liberties. Instead, FAA regulations should leave the security up to the airlines. Require security onboard planes with tasers and other armaments. Instead of creating gigantic hassles for average people, take sensible precautions to stop the potential hijackers.

All gun control laws need to be repealed. Waiting periods do nothing. Only people who buy their guns in stores (and aren't criminals) are subject to them. Criminals buy their guns illegally, so they aren't affected by the waiting period. Red Flag laws need to be banned as unconstitutional. They amount to prosecution without due process. It's a clear violation of several Constitutional amendments. The Fourth, Sixth, and the Fourteenth Amendments are all violated by Red Flag laws.

There needs to be a review board in the Federal Government which reviews State and Federal laws for Constitutional compatibility. The practice of making laws, then waiting for someone to have to go to trial in order to test them is ludicrous. Bad laws should not stand and should be removed before someone has to suffer financial and personal loss because of them.

I saw an email where Credo is complaining abouot a modification to SEC rules which make it harder for shareholder activism. While this may be a problem in some ways, the folks Credo represents brought this on themselves. Too many bad resolutions which cost companies entirely too much money to respond to have been filed by leftists seeking to further their agenda on the corporate dollar. While I certainly don't like there being no voice for shareholders in matters which are important, such as employee health and well-being, leftists have abused this to the point where it's being reined in. You might want to make sure that the new rules don't overly restrict shareholder resolutions for valid purposes while protecting companies from overly zealous activists.

There may be more added to this over time, but this is all that I could think of at this moment. May your days in office be productive and lengthy.